Sri Lanka Roundtour — one day trip

One day trip

  • river-safari-1-sri-lanka-reisen-mit-majaanMoonstone-mine
  • Mask Museum
  • Riverboat Safari
  • Turtle Hatchery
  • Buddha-statue
  • Tee — and Cinnamonplantation
  • Andahalene Ella Waterfalls
  • Galle-fort
  • Unawatuna Beach

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The tour starts at Majaan Guesthouse or alternative accomodation near to Hikkaduwa.

maskenmuseum-ambalanggoda-sri-lanka-reisen-majaanAt the beginning of the tour you visit the moonstone mine in Mitiyagoda, probably the only one in the world that is mining the blue moonstones. You can observe how precious stones are brought to the daylight from shafts mined by hand into the tropical earth.

In Ambalangoda we make one stop at the mask museum. 

The thousands of years old culture of Sri Lanka is characterized in particular from gods, kings and also demons. Also nowadays masks manufactured following old traditions are an essential part of spiritualism and rites. For to carve these masks the artists need a high degree of craft and an imparted                                                               traditional knowledge from many generations.
 You can admire these exceptional works of art and maybe one or another look will be charming you.

Riverboat Safaririver-safari-1-sri-lanka-reisen-majaan

Now one riverboat-safari on the Madu Ganga river that is flowing into the Indian Ocean nearby Balapitiya, will introduce you to the manifoldly and faszinating wildlife in the river-mangroves.

From the river we go to the beach:

In the sri-lanka-reisen-majaan-145waters around Sri Lanka five different kinds of sea-turtles are domiciled. You visit the “Victor Hasselblad Turtle Hatchery” that was founded 1979 by a Swedish factory owner to preserve the existence of sea living turtles by safely breed.

One hatchery-guide will inform you about all details of turtle life and you will get in direct contact with these fascinating animals.

liegender-buddha-watugedara-sri-lanka-reisen-majaanNow you will make a visit to one temple in Watugedara that accommodates the biggest lying Buddha-statue of Southeast Asia.

Then you will be introduced into the secrets of growing and treatment of two much important Sri Lankan export goods at one tea plantation and one cinnamon garden in Elpitiya.

On the way to the old commercial town of Galle we make one stop at the galle-fort-1-sri-lanka-reisen-majaanAndahelana waterfalls that are
beautifully situated in one untouched jungle area.

Galle was an important seaport for merchant shipping long time before colonial period. In ancient times 
it was a very important harbour on the trade routes of old Persian and Romans.

Our tour will bring you to the famous fort of Galle, what is the biggest well preserved European fort in South Asia. It was founded in the year 1663 by the Dutch and belongs to the world heritage list.

galle-fort-2-sri-lanka-reisen-majaanYou can admire ancient European-Asian styled colonial buildings. Sure you will be astonished when you suddenly stand in front of one church that you more likely expect to be in the Netherlands. 
Boutiques will offer facilities for a shopping tour.

The day will come to its end with a rest at the Unawatuna-beach that is told to be one of the most beautiful beaches of Sri Lanka.

After that we will travel back to Majaan Guesthouse in Hikkaduwa or your another accomodation.


unawatuna-beach-sri-lanka-reisen-majaanPrices include all entrance fees — depending on number of travellers and travelling time — for request


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