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Hearty welcome To Majaan!

sri-lanka-reisen-majaan-100-e1475612605310Majaan tours and Majaan Guesthouse is located in the costal town Hikkaduwa, 100 kilometer south of Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka.
 The former fishing village Hikkaduwa was discovered by hippies and globetrotters in the early 1970ies.
 Since then it has developed to one of the most important tourist towns of Sri Lanka.

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Restaurants, supermarkets and souvenir shops establish the sunday-market-hikkaduwa-sri-lanka-reisen-mit-majaanbase for all the needs of a pleasant holiday. The popular Sunday marked, situated behind the railway station of Hikkaduwa offers a wide range of all the needs someone could imagine. 
Not only for photographers is the visit of the market a very amazing experience.

Hikkaduwa provides compliance for many different preferences. One can walk on lonesome palmtree bordered beaches for kilometres or can settle down and enjoy life in trendy bars.
 Sri Lanka belongs to the most famous surfing paradises in the world. According to changing ocean currents Hikkaduwa especially attracts an international hikkaduwa-surfersurfing community from November to April.

Discover Sri Lanka, the pearl of the islands in the Indian Ocean


With the peculiar culture of Sri Lanka, which is thousands of years old and offers fascinating testimonies, every roundtour will become one of the most impressive adventures.
With Majaan tours you can experience the abundance of tropical nature. You can explore the highlands of Sri Lanka with its unique (and rather cool) climate and visit wonderful tea plantations on smooth hills.

Our tours will take you to the elephant orphanage where you can watch a big herd of elephants taking a bath in the kandy-sri-lanka-reisen-mit-majaanriver.
 You can also experience the wildlife in Yala National Park, where even leopards can be seen frequently. Of course you can get the chance to see some of the several monuments of buddhistic temples and palaces from ancient king dynasties on your tour.

Go with us on an imposing and fascinating journey to the contemporary witnesses of Sri Lankan history.

sri-lanka-reisen-strandWith Majaan tours you will discover the legends of an impressive culture.
You will be travelling in comfortable air-conditioned vans.
 With the know how of our drivers your roundtour will be an unforgettable holiday experience.
 Our tours will be in English.

Moreover, we can arrange one comfortable accomodation in the Majaan Guesthouse for your stay in Sri Lanka.

In Sri Lankan language Majaan (machan) means “friend”.
 You will be hearty welcomed in the land of smiles.


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