Sri Lanka Roundtour: 4 days trip

Sri Lanka tours: 4 days Tour with 3 overnight stays:

  • Rubber-and Pineapple plantation
  • Elephant Orphanage
  • Dambulla Cavetempel
  • kandy-sri-lanka-reisen-mit-majaanSigiriya Rock
  • Botanical Garden Peradeniya
  • Kandy Dance Show
  • Toothtemple in Kandy
  • Nuwara Eliya Tea factory and plantation      
  • Ride with the panorama-train to Ella
  • Rawana Waterfalls
  • Safari in the Yala national park
  • Matara
  • Stilt fishing men at Ahangama Beach

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Your tour starts at Majaan Guesthouse or alternative accomodation in Sri Lanka. 

1rst day:sri-lanka-reisen-majaan-141

Elefant Orphanage

On the way to the elefant orphanage we make a stop at one rubber plantation and one pineapple plantation to explore the secrets about the cultivation of sri-lanka-reisen-majaan-126these plants.

We make a visit at the elephant orphanage in Pinnnawela that is the home for a group of about 70 elefants for getting in touch with the life of these
 faszinating animals.

With the impressions of the biggest earth-living animals our journey now takes us to the cave temples of Dambulla.


dambulla-3-sri-lanka-reisen-majaanAll together 2100 square meters of temple area has been built as a cave in the granite rocks more than 2000 years ago. 
You can admire splendid rock paintings and many impressing statues that tell about the life of buddha until his alightment.
For good weather situation you can have a beautiful view on a nice jungle landscape with embedded water tanks, that have been built 400 years B.C. and maybe also at the next stage on our tour.


sigiriya-felsen-sri-lanka-reisen-majaanWe visit Sigiriya rock. On the top of this 180 meters steep monolith rock king Kashyapa built one grandiosely palace, an astonishing work for engineers of the the fifth century.
You can admire the remains of these buildings, also ancient gardens at the base of Sigiriya rock and the mysterios paintings of highly elegant and most beautiful women called “cloud-maids”.

Overnight stay in Sigiriya Grand Hotel or Dambulla Eden Garden hotel.

2nd day: Kandysri-lanka-reisen-majaan-sigiriya

Arriving in Kandy you enjoy the Royal Botanical Garden Peradeniya. It´s roots are going back to the year 1371, when Wickramabahu III got King of Sri Lanka.
In the year 1821 the famous garden architekt Alexander Moon formed this area to one of the most beautiful botanical gardens of Asia.
botanischer-garten-kandy1-sri-lanka-reisen-majaanOne 3 hour tour will show you floral beautiness, a wide range of tropical and subtropical plants, a collection of about 300 different orchids, traditional ayurvedic medicine plants and also the biggest tree of the world.

Now you will have the facility to visit the historic town of Kandy or to go for a shopping tour.

After joining the traditional Kandy Dance Show you will look inside the most important temple of Sri Lanka. The Tooth Temple of Kandy was built to give feuerlauf-1-kandy-sri-lanka-reisen-majaanshelter for one precious relic, one tooth of Lord Buddha that was brought to Sri Lanka with an eventful history.

Overnight stay in Thilanka Hotel or Moon Beam Hotel.

3rd day: Nuwara Eliyazahntempel-kandy-schrein-sri-lanka-reisen-majaan

You travel to Nuwara Eliya, the highest located town of Sri Lanka. The way that is now going up to one level of 1500 meters is accompanied from tea plantations and spectacular waterfalls.

For the comfortable european summer climate of the Nuwara Eliya area it gave perfect conditions for the settlement of the British in the time of colonial period.
 In Nuwara Eliya you can find many colonial styled buildings, a golf course and also one horse racing nuwara-eliya-2-sri-lanka-reisen-majaancourse.
 For you get many British impressions in Nuwara Eliya the town got the nickname “Little England”.

The British also brought the teaplant to Sri Lanka.
We visit one tea plantation and you will be introduced into the secrets of growing teaplants and treatment of the leaves for fabricating some of the first-class quality teas worldwide.

After a tasteful teatime you will travel with the panorama-train to Ella.

panorama-zug-2-sri-lanka-reisen-majaanThe Panorama-train

Not only the heartbeat of railway-fans will go higher when you enjoy the railway line to Ella. First you travel through tea plantations later the vegetation changes to deep tropical jungle, that is followed by coniferous forest.
 Not only botanically impressing this journey is geological sensational. The train worms through narrow rocks and traverses many tunnels. It is going along deep canyons and breathtaking outlooks will ensure spectacular shots for your camera.

From Ella for good weather situation sometimes you can look over wide landscape to the Indian Ocean far away.

rawana-waterfalls2-sri-lanka-reisen-mit-majaanThe Rawana waterfalls

Many legends are told about the Rawana waterfalls that are named after the evil demon-king ravana who was lucky to have ten heads and also about one new head growing for the case one of his heads was cut. But then ape-king hanuman came from India. He beat him with one stab into the heart and free princess sita out of the hands of the evil demon.

As a matter of fact in the middle of the imposing waterfalls entries to a big cave system are located and inside scientists found one human skull. It´s age is dated 20.000 years B.C.

Overnight stay in Tissamaharana Refresh Hotel or in Chandrika Hotel nearby the oldest national park of Sri Lanka

4th day: Safari in the Yala national parksri-lanka-reisen-majaan-132

Yala national park was founded 1938 — parts of the 1500 square kilometers sized area stay under nature conservancy since 1899. Yala is well known for its natural beautiness for it offers a wide range of vegetation, deep jungle, savannahs with spectacular formed rocks, lakes and rivers with mangrove forests.
On your Jeep-Safari you can watch the manifoldly wildlife, elefants, bears, crocodiles, deers, jackals, different sorts of monkeys and with a little bit of yala-nationalpark1-sri-lanka-reisen-majaanluck also leopards. Also Yala is habitat of about 150 different sorts of birds.

Your tour goes on to the Weherana temple in Matara. This temle is dominated of one 39 meters high buddha-statue. On the terrain of the most popular temple in Matara you can also admire about 2000 paintings telling about the life of buddha in one subterranean gallery.

sri-lanka-reisen-majaan-108On the way back to Majaan Guesthouse in Hikkaduwa or your alternative accomodation in Sri Lanka we make one visit to stilt fishing men.

Stilt fishing is an old tradition of fishing in the Ahangama reef area. The fishermen sit on one wooden stilt called “petta” ranging about 2 meters over the sea level. One hand they need for keeping balance and with the other hand they hold their fishing rod. 
In the sunset time one unique and spectacular picture for your camera.

stelzenfischerPrices include all entrance fees, 3 overnight Stelzenfischerstands with half-board — depending on number of travellers and travelling time — for request.

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